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Virgen Del Pilar is open to any pupil/student who wishes to avail of its services and facilities provided that she/he meets the requirements and regulations set forth. However, the School reserves the right to deny admission or readmission of pupils/students under certain conditions.

All pupils/students have to pay tuition and other fees and must follow the rules and regulations of the School.

The School admits new pupils/students and transferees on the basis of the entrance examination, personal interviews, academic records, character evaluation and students' and parents' acceptance of the School Policies.

The number of applicants to be admitted depends on the number of vacancies to be filled in each Level.

No interpretation of entrance test results in terms of scores and description
will be made for the ones who fail the test. Test result will be held strictly confidential.


1. The applicant must have a satisfactory grade in conduct.

2. The applicant's Report Card (Form 138) must not have any failing grade from the first to the last grading period.


All applicants, transferees and Returning pupils/students should submit the following together with the

Application Form:

  1. Original Report Card.
  2. Copies of Birth and baptismal Certificates.
    [Bring original for verification].
  3. Parents' marriage contract.
  4. Letter of Certification and Recommendation from the Principal of former school.
  5. Health Certificate.
  6. Records of Immunization, deworming and history of allergy drugs.
  7. Three I.D. pictures [1x1].
  8. For Non-Catholics only: Parents willingness and no objection certificate for Catholic Education.
  9. For Alien Students: Follow rules set by the Department of Education.


  1. Get an Application Form from the School Office.
  2. Present all the basic requirements in the Office.
  3. Pay the Entrance examination fee and get the Receipt and Exam Permit.
  4. Take the Interview/Entrance examination on the scheduled date, by presenting the Exam Permit.
  5. The result will be posted on the bulletin board in front of the Administration Building.
  6. No, test result will be mailed or released through the telephone.
  7. All passed candidates, together with the parents may be scheduled for an interview.
  8. The Principal makes the final decision on admission.


  1. All pupils/students should submit the Reservation Form together with 2 recent I.D. pictures [1x1] and down payment.
  2. Submit the previous year's report card on the day of enrolment.
  3. All accounts should be settled on the date set.
  4. The School reserves the right to refuse late enrolment. 


Pupils/Students who had transferred to another School and want to come back are treated as new students. Application for enrolment, interview and entrance examination will still be given.


  1. All enrollees are advised to follow up the procedures set by the School Office.
  2. Remit the Tuition fee together with the miscellaneous fee and activity fee on the date set.
    The School reserves the right to refuse late enrolees


No pupil/student is officially enrolled unless he or she has satisfactorily complied with general admission and accounting office requirements.

Enrolment is by school year. Once registered, a student is considered enrolled for the whole school year.

Credentials submitted for enrolment become part of the school records and cannot be withdrawn after registration.