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Welcome to Virgen Del Pilar School, a School of love, a School for you and for me!

Welcome to learn and to be educated. We take pride in teaching and learning with you in turn. All youth and particularly you, the Filipino Youth occupy a very special place in our hearts as we always look forward to serve you dedicatedly. It is therefore our joy to be faithful to our Vision and impart "Christ Centered Education" to develop you all round and make you PROUD FILIPINOS, TRUE CHRISTIANS and overwhelmingly ready for the WORLD OF TOMORROW.

We take it our prime duty to make you love the Philippines your dear Country, countrymen, language, culture, nature and all the rich heritages handed on by the great leaders and Patriots. The future of the Country lies in your hands.

The Virgen Del Pilar Family earnestly desires to learn with you, walk and talk with you. It wants to take pride that it has pledged to be at the educating serve of the Filipinos. Let us journey together. We respect you and you respect yourself and rest of the fellow VDPS members. We responsibly challenge you to strive for greater personal achievements in your life as persons.

As a happy and dedicated Sister of Charity of St. Anne I carry with me the Charism and Spirit of our Congregation. We are known for our "Hospitality" that blooms greatly within "Universal Charity". Wherever I go this benchmark goes with me. Therefore, it is my invitation as well as a challenge to you: Carry with you "Maka-Diyos, Maka-Kalikasan , Maka-Bayan, Maka-Tao and Maka-Bansa" in words, thoughts and actions. Bring a better tomorrow to the poverty torn country. Let's put our hands, hearts and minds together!

May our dear Mother Virgen Del Pilar pray for us and bless us that we may through her prayers be strengthened to deepen ourselves in Christ and focus on growing together and readily serving the Church and the Nation.


Sr. Rita Devasahayam






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