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She is the Chief Administrator of the School. She assumes the general management of the school. She carefully plans on budget and manages general finance. She has the final responsibility for the successful management of the entire school.

Sr. Eugine Mary Pathrose


She is the Chief Administrator and executive of the school's academy. She is also the Chief Learning Officer as she plans, coordinates and supervises the activities of all Departments, so that the objectives are carried out. She exercises both administrative and academic leadership. She has the final decision on enrollment, disciplinary matters, etc.

Sr. Rita Devasahayam

  Academic Assistants:

They manage the academic and administrative programs of their Departments. They are responsible for general discipline, implementation of school policies and rules. They review and approve computed ratings. They also supervise classes and are directly responsible to the Principal. In coordination with her they plan programs and activities.
Tr. Rizza C. Gatpandan
Sr. Marivel F. Monteveros

She takes care of the pupils'/students' records, transfer credentials and transcripts.

Ms.Angelica S. Cayetano

  Guidance Counselors:

They take care of the moral, mental and psychological strength of the pupils/students. They also help them discover their talents. They work as a friend and guide to them.
Ms. Joannalyn DC. Nicolas &
Ms. Nuestro Zettiera Kamille

She takes care of the library resources and facilities. She keeps record of all the incoming and outgoing books.

Ms. Christina Felix L.

  Prefect & Officer for Extra-curricular Activities:

The Prefect is responsible for maintaining order in school and promoting student discipline. He ensures with his team the observance of school rules and regulations. He also takes care of the extra-curricular activities as means to fulfill the policies, rules and regulations as well as procedures and practices in a firm but friendly manner. He helps them exercise their rights and develop their talents.

Sir. Launcelot P. Albano


They play the role of parents in school. They strive hard to impart quality education. They work in accordance with the vision mission of the School. They are duty-bound to help enforce school policies and rules of discipline. They give full cooperation for the successful running of the school both curricular and co-curricular activities.
  Non – teaching personnel:

They take care of the clerical tasks, general transactions, traffic regulations, general cleanliness, health services, canteen services and maintenance of the school. They are also responsible to help the Administrators and the teachers enforce school policies and rules of discipline.
  Pupils / Students:

They are the real wealth of the school. The future of the Church and of the Country lies in their hands.




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