Building Basic and Strong Foundation
The Preschool is enriching and building; basic spiritual, patriotic and intellectual foundation. It educates little boys and girls in a secure, friendly, comfortable and natural environment. It follows the preschool curriculum and enhances and empowers the pupils with character formation, self- confidence, self discipline and develops study and work habits.

Pupils Activities:
Providing opportunities to develop mental, physical coordination that may fit them for all times

Laying patriatic, moral and spiritual foundation

Blending academy with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

Giving right guidance and examples that they may understand and appreciate in real life the things they learn

Providing positive discipline that will help them build self-esteem and seek right direction

Faculty and Staff:
Create a home for the children to feel loved and important

Accomadate respectfully and responsibily those entrusted to our care

As qualified and kind hearted teachers they keep a very good rapport with the children

Closely supervise the children inside the classroom and in the preschool area

Approachable and ready at service with joy and enthusiasm

Appreciate individual personalities and their talents and develop more skills

They update themselves with modern technologies and modern strategies in order to promote values, knowledge and skills

Parents and the School in general:
Parents are respectfully welcomed and treated well

We believe that the learning takes place 1st at home

All teachers consider that parents are the 1st teachers

All learning in school will be effective only if parents give equal hand in educating the children

Parents are invited to help the school in various ways see to its development for a common cause

Periodical conferences are held to build parent and school relationship