Virgen Del Pilar School is owned and run by the Sisters of Charity of St. Anne. It started the School as a Pre-School with 13 students in 1998.It received a very positive and encouraging response from the parents as they understood that our school not only makes the mind trained, but also the heart and will. It is a “Formation School” from the start. It welcomes students of all religious denominations.

Education is a preparation of the whole person for life here and hereafter. With it the School progressed steadily. Recognition was granted to the Pre-School Department on February 11, 2000, Elementary on April 23, 2003 and High School on September 17, 2008. The School Family witnessed its First Batch of H.S. Graduates on March 27, 2010.

We give importance to Christian Formation and Character Development. Our education does not merely focus on academic proficiency, but more importantly Catholic doctrines, Gospel values and Filipino Catholic way of life. We promote Clean and Green School in order to be clean in thoughts, words and actions and also to preserve the ecological balance.

The School has a separate building for each Department. At present there are:

  • Thirty Four 34 Classrooms
  • Three (3) Science Laboratories
  • One (1) Workshop
  • Two (2) Libraries
  • Three (3) AVRs
  • One (1) Art room
  • Three (3) Faculty rooms
  • One (1) HELE Lab
  • Two (2) Computer Labs
  • One (1) Academic Assistant's Office
  • One (1) Guidance Center
  • One (1) POD’s Office
  • One (1) Makabayan Office
  • Two (2) Stockrooms
  • One (1) big and beautiful Chapel
  • One (1) Administration and Clinic block
  • One (1) Multipurpose Hall
  • One (1) Canteen block
  • One (1) Covered Court

There are sufficient drinking water facilities and several comfort rooms. The Staff is also provided a mini-building just behind the Hall. All the buildings have ample water supply. The School is spacious and is surrounded by several trees. The School has adequate facilities. It continues to work on improvements.

The School pledges to offer quality and holistic education.