Grade School

Strengthening Spiritual, Patriotic and Academic Foundation
The Grade school is actively working at the strenthening foundation task. It is in its  12th year of successful education task. It educates boys and girls between ages 6  to 12 in a secure, friendly, comfortable  and natural environment. It follows the Basic Elementary Education Curriculum and enhances and empowers the pupils with character formation, self- confidence, self discipline and develops study and work habits. It focusses on making better citizens for tomorrow’s Philippines.


We take pride in providing the prescribed Basic Elementary Education in a clean and green campus most conducive for learning

We focus on Christian Living and Values Education that will help them become mature in faith and practice with love

We strengthen our pupils with self knowledge

We work on inculcating patriotism that each pupil may be proud to be a "Filipino" and be true to his/her name

We expose them to the realities of the Philippines and make them critics and uphold values

We impart strong leadership abreast with modern technology

We create a free environment where they could learn sincerity and openness

We work with them that they may have balanced living; accept limitations and make proper decisions

We provide sex education in a positive and total vision of the person

We help them to observe and realize the beauty around that they may appreciate God's creations

We program a clear set of discipline program which includes anti-bullying and anti-littering

We take pride in special English programs that uplift students speak English happily and spontaneously

We work on English as the predominant medium of instruction in the classrooms and medium of communication within the campus

We use Filipino as the medium of instruction in teaching Filipino, part of Araling Panlipunan and Christian Living in order to build and communicate the values of Makabayan

We take initiative to conduct remedial classes that will suit them per area

We seek steady and improved co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that motivate and support the pupils to complement their study habits

We use a varied and standardised assessments to evaluate the pupils fairly and objectively

We conduct monthly formation for the teachers that they may be spiritually, morally and psychologically well rounded

We continue with Faculty development program.

We work on a participative and collaborative parent school relationship.