Grade 2

Art 2

SUNSHINE (A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and P. E.) 
Urgelles Ermeliza T. ; Third Edition Bookmark Publishing House, Inc, Makati City, 2010

This course is designed to develop children in many aspects while engaging in the given activities. There are activities that develop children's creativity and make students use their imaginations in creating a piece. The given activities cater strategies and techniques in making an artistic design. In the Block I, pupils will learn the elements of art in which it establishes basic techniques and procedures which can be used in basic art crafts. Block II, children will do work of art wherein they can express themselves through drawings and paintings. While Block III will help pupils to develop their abilities and skills in creating things and finally Block IV, discusses the nature and environment as one good tool/subject in making an artistic design.

Christian Living 2

Getting Acquainted With Jesus
Ma. Teresa S. Catabian., et. al. ; SIBS Publishing House, Inc. Q.C 2006

The course comprises of four blocks where the topics were carefully chosen to help pupils prepare themselves for a confession and to receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Block 1 contains how one becomes a child of God and a member of God's family through the Sacrament of Baptism; block 2 gives emphasis on not being able to love others hurts God and members of God's family, the Church. Block 3 recognizes the importance of Mass. Finally in block 4, pupils will learn about the Holy Spirit as their light and guide to become a holy child of God.

Computer 2

This course will focus on the amazing world of computers and its beginnings. The students will develop their skills by doing hands-on and for exploring the computer.

Science 2

Science for Active Learning 2nd Edition
Fernando, Imelda G., et. al. 
SIBS Publishing House Inc., Q.C., 2008

The course contains of thirteen blocks which will focus on people as a living beings, the living things, the non-living things, and the earth and beyond. The following lessons capture the pupils' interests because of the different illustration wherein they will really enjoy thus provide visual enrichment that will help make concepts more concrete. Also it will give them the opportunity to explore and discover new things. Pupils are also encourage to show their care and appreciation to the living and non-living things. This course challenges pupils to find out science personally and build up their scientific skills.

Reading 2

Vargas, Ma. Lourdes J. ; Sibs Publishing House, Inc, Q.C. 2008

This course has four blocks that focuses on the different areas in developing the capabilities of pupils to read, understand and appreciate the reading text and enable them to participate actively in the world around them.

Every unit gives important values that the pupils will learn and apply in their real life such as family values, preserving the environment and Filipino cultures, respect one's culture and create a new invention that will help the pupils to explore and discover the world beyond what they expect and dream of. The activities gives emphasizes on the enhancement of pupils in terms of literary skills, oral interpretation, comprehension and vocabulary. The content of this course will lead each pupil to a challenging and rewarding second-language reading experience.

Math 2

Integrative Mathematics 2
Eduardo O. Dela Cruz, Jr., Ed. D., et. al.; SIBS Publishing House, Inc. Q.C 2004 

The course covers nine blocks wherein it can be aptly described as an "enriched BEC series" because it follows the Department of Education's Basic Education Curriculum; enriched because it offers additional interesting topics outside of BEC. The contained activities are not limited basically to follow BEC's scope and sequence. It has included in every lesson a provision to integrate with other subject areas. It provides comprehensive evaluation of the topics, and challenging problems or enjoyable activities designed to further develop pupils' critical and creative thinking.

Music 2

SUNSHINE 2 (A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and P. E.) Third Edition 
Urgelles Ermeliza T. et. al. ; Bookmark Publishing House, Inc, Makati City, 2010

The course focuses on the basic musical symbols, native music, and musical instrument like piano. The activities provide the learner with a variety of meanings and fruitful concepts that will give a meaningful experience. The evaluation series will help the learner discover himself/ herself through joyful music. The practical evaluation will provide opportunity for relaxation, exciting, interesting and fulfilling learning experience.

Language 2

Facets of English Language 2 
Ajero, Nenita C., et. al.; ICS Publishing House Inc., 2011

This course emphasizes the learners' phase of comprehension, application, experience and creative exchange of insights and feelings that will inspire them to construct new ideas. The designed evaluation will be an element to develop the various skills of pupils in terms of constructing meaningful ideas both oral and written interpretation. The set of drills and exercises will be assist and enhance the ability of the pupils to communicate confidently and find learning enjoyable.

History 2

Our Nation, Our World 2
Virginia Floresca-Cawagas, et. al. ; SIBS Publishing House, Inc.2004 

The course encourages pupils to learn more about our nation and our people. It will help the pupils to understand the Philippine history as a nation over many centuries. It includes lessons that will help pupils to gain knowledge about how foreign nations colonized the Philippines and be inspired by the struggles of Filipino nationalist heroes for freedom, justice, and for independence. Students will discover the cultural richness of our nation as people of different cultures and religious beliefs in the Philippines. Pupils will find out how they can live as a good Filipino in their family, community, and country. It will try to develop pupils to become a better Filipino and encourage pupils to think and act as responsible and active Filipinos that will help to build a better Philippines and a world that is peaceful and sustainable.

Filipino 2

Bigkis 2
Cabrera, Josephine P.,; SIBS Publishing House, Inc., Q.C., 2010

Ang kursong ito ay binubuo ng dalawangpung aralin na nahahati sa Kasanayang Pangkomunikasyon kung saan nabibigyan ng pagkakataon ang mag-aaral na magpahayag ng kanyang ideya at magamit ang salitang Filipino ng malaya, Kasanayang Pantalasalitaan kung saan nakalahad ang mga kahulugan ng mga piling malalalim na salita, at Kasanayang Pambarirala kung saan mababatid ang iba't-ibang uri at gamit ng mga salita.

Ang bawat aralin ay lalo pang makikintal sa kaisipan ng mag-aaral sa pamamagitan ng mga pagsasanay at aktibidades na napakaloob sa bawat paksa. Gayundin ang kursong ito ay maaari din maiugnay sa iba't-ibang asignatura tulad ng asignaturang "Christian Living" sapagkat ang mga karaniwang istoryang nakapaloob sa bawat aralin ay hindi lamang makakatulong sa pagpapayabong sa aspetong pagbasa at pag-unawa ng mga mag-aaral, gayun din sa aseto ng pag-uugali dahil ito'y talagang mapupulutan ng aral.

P.E. 2

Sunshine 2
Urgelles, Ermeliza T., ; The Bookmark, Inc., Makati City, 2010

This course composes of the lessons about body movements (locomotor and non-locomotor), some ball techniques, and native games, and exercises with the tune of the native songs. This lesson can really help the holistic development of the child not only in the physical aspects but also in being a proud Filipino because of this lesson they can really enjoy and appreciate our very own native games and songs, especially in our generation today.

This varied lesson also provides the child with opportunities for relaxation and helps in making the activities lively, exciting, fulfilling and enjoyable. It is designed and creates to meet the needs and enrich the skills and interest of the child. Also the series of lessons provides the child with a variety of meaningful and fruitful concepts and activities that will help him/her become physically fit, creative, and nationalistic. It is hoped that the meaningful experience will help the child discover himself/herself through physical educational activities.