Virgen del Pilar School is owned and run by the Sisters of Charity of St. Anne. It started the School as a Pre-School with 13 students in 1998.It received a very positive and encouraging response from the parents as they understood that our school not only makes the mind trained, but also the heart and will. It is a “Formation School” from the start. It welcomes students of all religious denominations.

Education is a preparation of the whole person for life here and hereafter. With it the School progressed steadily. Recognition was granted to the Pre-School Department on February 11, 2000, Elementary on April 23, 2003 and High School on September 17, 2008. The School Family witnessed its First Batch of H.S. Graduates on March 27, 2010.


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We give importance to Christian Formation and Character Development. Our education does not merely focus on academic proficiency, but more importantly Catholic doctrines, Gospel values and Filipino Catholic way of life. We promote Clean and Green School in order to be clean in thoughts, words and actions and also to preserve the ecological balance.

The School has a separate building for each Department. At present there are Thirty Four 34 Classrooms, and Three (3) Science Laboratories, One (1) Workshop, Two (2) Libraries, Three (3) AVRs, One (1) Art room, Three (3) Faculty rooms, One (1) HELE Lab, Two (2) Computer Labs, One (1) Academic Assistant's Office, One (1) Guidance Center, One (1) POD’s Office, One (1) Makabayan Office, Two (2) Stockrooms, One (1) big and beautiful Chapel, One (1) Administration and Clinic block, One (1) Multipurpose Hall, One (1) Canteen block and One (1) Covered Court. There are sufficient drinking water facilities and several comfort rooms. The Staff is also provided a mini-building just behind the Hall . All the buildings have ample water supply. The School is spacious and is surrounded by several trees. The School has adequate facilities. It continues to work on improvements.


The School pledges to offer quality and holistic education.

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Founders of SCSA

MOTHER MARIA RAFOLS, together with FR. JOHN BONAL founded the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St. Anne on December 28, 1804 in the Royal and General Hospital of Our Lady of Grace, Zaragoza, Spain. The sisters first surrendered themselves at the feet of the Blessed Virgin [Virgen Del Pilar] offering their hopes of tomorrow, and the reality of today – the Nascent Fraternity.

Motto: “Love without Frontiers”
Attitude: “Generous self-giving”
Key to success: “Contemplation in Action”

Love Offering: Maria made her life an offering of love. “A candle lit cannot be kept hidden”. Charity cannot be kept ideal or shut within narrow limits. Charity is ever expanding and leading to more heroic deeds. Maria Rafols exercised her charity without counting the hours of the day.

Dedication: Maria dedicated herself with wholehearted affection, tenderness and diligent care, giving the best to the person.

Portraits of Maria: Woman of prayer, Voice of the voiceless, Pillar of the weak and sorrowful, princess of peace, Heroine of Charity, woman of heart, strong arm of consolation, Woman of prudence and tactfulness, a hospitable woman, an edifying teacher, witness of love and compassion.


Fr. John Bonal:

A Divine Birth: God’s Ambassador, Apostle of the Poor, Hero of charity, Outstanding and effective teacher, a Genuine and affective priest, a Tireless evangelizer, a Missionary on feet, Beggar and suffering servant, Spiritual director of the sisterhood, a Man tireless and remitting in serving, Witness of love and compassion.

A man at the beck and call of the little ones, the sick, the imprisoned, orphaned, abandoned, the needy, the youth, the hungry and the thirsty.

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The Pillarians: "A Person Open To All"

Rooted in:

  • Christ and the Gospel
  • Universal Charity
  • Hospitality
  • Patriotism
  • Work and Study


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Virgen Del Pilar School is a Catholic and co-educational institution,
a privileged place for the integral formation of the person centered in Christ:

through education in Faith, academic excellence,
environmental awareness in holistic and innovative approaches;

with an atmosphere of simplicity,
humility and service like Mary;

towards a more, just and fraternal
society based on peace, truth and love.


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School Seal

King Alphonsus V of Spain was a great devotee of Mother Mary. In the year 1425, when the Hospitalof Our Lady of Grace was founded, he gave this seal as the seal of the Hospital. In the year 1804, Mother Maria Rafols and a group of young women under the direction of Fr. John Bonal administered the same hospital. The King granted the privilege to Mother Maria Rafols to use it as the seal of the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St. Anne.

The things you notice are:

Jar of Lilies
Purity and Blossom
Welcome and Flourish
Royal Crown
Ad majorem dei gloriam
For the greater glory of God


Today, you have, the privilege, to use this seal. You shall be pure and bloom like the lilies, in the School and outside. Life is of both joys and sorrows. If you are ready to accept these, you shall achieve your goal. The fragrance of your life shall spread out like palm and laurel. Thus in the sight of God you shall wear the Royal Crown. You shall keep away selfishness and always do everything for the greater glory of God.

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We believe ...

  1. With gratitude, that God is love, the author of our existence and of all gifts that make our life possible and happy.
  2. In strong prayer life through covenantal relationship with Christ in the Sacraments, in His Word and the Eucharistic celebration; devotions to Mary - Virgen Del Pilar, Blessed Maria Rafols and Fr. John Bonal.
  3. That the families are the principal persons responsible for the education of their children and we entrust them to the protection and blessings of Sts. Anne and Joaquim.
  4. In promoting the climate of charity and hospitality, simplicity and service with preference to the poorest and neediest; our students are served as "our masters".
  5. In forming the young to become agents of his/her own development to reach maturity, able to face problems with a sense of responsibility from early age, valuing inner meaningful silence.
  6. That our model in education is characterized in three dimensions: Individual Dimension, Social Dimension, Transcendental Dimension.
  7. That educational activity is a life - long process; not only marked by teaching methods, but it is also a "style", a way of being, receiving and evaluating; valuing work and collective effort.
  8. In adopting new values and new technologies analyze, evaluate and choose those fundamental elements that we consider must be integrated into our educative processes.
  9. That our school community is God's steward of His creation, thus we promote and maintain in our privileged place ecological balance.
  10. In open collaboration with others to build up together a different world where everyone has his bread, his space and his word to live in dignity.

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Goal and Objectives

1. A Catholic School:

By being living witnesses of Christ, the SCSA commits to build a Christian Community. It creates an atmosphere, which benefits, the Catholic ideals, religious instructions, sacramental participation and Christ's witnesses without prejudice to students of
other religious affiliations.

2. A St. Anne's School:

It is committed to selfless service, hospitality, preferential love for the poor and needy, quality education, meaningful relationship, genuine friendship and mutual respect.

3. A Filipino School:

It commits to inculcate patriotism – love, awareness, social responsibility and interaction with other racial and cultural groups.

4. An English School:

It commits to form students fully trained in English both spoken and written. It holds English as its medium of instruction. It is committed to form men and women who will fit into any part of the world, live in peace and feel at home with any nationality.

5. A Service –oriented School:

It is committed to the welfare of the poor and marginalized through outreach programs, scholarships and extension services.

6. A co-educational School:

It is committed to promote values, joy, free and healthy atmosphere, circumspect behavior, respect for sex, wholesome interactions and help children and youth to grow in mutual understanding of themselves and that of the others.

7. A Community Based School:

It commits to build the school in to a Christian family on the SCSA spirit of hospitality, togetherness and unity. It opens its doors to families in close link with the school and to the rest. It equips the parents to be part and parcel to the school, train them for values and quality education. It seeks the support and co-operation of the VDPS Family in building up the Catholic/Christian/Filipino Church and Society.

Core Values

Hard Work



School Hymn


Virgen Del Pilar our loving Mother
Your small image stands on a pillar
Your beauty goes up to the Heavens
We admire you!

All generations sing your praises
Cry out to you dear Blessed Mother
The Pillar erected at Ebro River
Wears out with our kisses.

Open your virginal arms to us
Turn your merciful eyes upon us
May we extend your love to all
And live under your care.

Glory to the Father, the creator
Glory to the Son, our Redeemer
Glory to the Spirit, who sanctifies us
To the One Trinity.

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