School Policies


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  • Competent to handle serious cases
  • On all cases, under the competence of the
    Prefect of Discipline, he/she may handle it
    alone or, preferably, work together with
    the Board of Discipline to investigate and
    judge on the case.
  • together with the Board, he/she accurately weighs all
  • on all penalties the Office of the Prefect of Discipline
    will impose, consent and approval of the
    Principal is required
  • handles the forwarded case
  • gathers necessary reports or data, study it
    and make recommendation after accomplishing
    the procedures, forwards
  • all gathered documents together with the
    written recommendation to the Prefect of Discipline
  • handles minor cases beyond 3 offenses, where
    he/she will conduct a conference with parents
  • competent to handle major cases committed
    as first offense
  • subsequent major offenses will be forwarded
    to the Office of the Prefect of Discipline
  • handles minor cases
  • if three different minor cases are committed by the
    the student, he/she may seek assistance from the
    beyond 3 minor offenses the teacher-advisor will bring
    the case to the ACADEMIC ASSISTANT



  1. Improper Uniform
  2. No I.D./Placing stickers on it
  3. Coloring of Hair and using colorful accessories
  4. Dirtying places
  5. Noisy in the classroom, chapel, canteen, library, corridors, stairways and programs
  6. Tardiness
  7. Misbehaving during Flag Ceremony
  8. Failing to give PTA letters to Parents
  9. Unexcused absences
  10. Unsigned diary/letter
  11. Spoken Filipino outside Filipino Class
  12. Wearing of Printed T-Shirt, Black Sacks
  13. Improper haircut and hairstyle
  14. Wearing scandalous attire during School activities/Feasts
  15. Staying in the School within the prescribed curfew time without permission
    any valid reason


  1. Unauthorized use of School Name, Seal, ID and School Uniform
  2. Leaving the campus without permit during class hours, or after class hours
    while leaving their bags still inside
  3. Copying from others or from the book
  4. Selling or collecting money
  5. Inviting or forcing Catholics to join sects
  6. Refusing to be educated in the Catholic way
  7. Inappropriate public display of affection, exclusive pairing
  8. Circulating or inserting in the computer pornographic/indecent literature
  9. Bringing electronics gadget or musical instruments without permission
  10. Over speeding and racing or parking in restricted areas
  11. Lending ID or using another person's ID
  12. Bringing Firecrackers
  13. Littering
  14. Loitering


  1. Vandalism
  2. Damaging of School's, others', and personal properties
  3. Stealing or shop lifting in and outside
  4. Tampering with school records, signatures and all other official forms
  5. Using offensive language
  6. Smoking, gambling, drinking, using drugs or possessing these inside or outside the school premises
  7. Bullying
  8. Cutting classes/truancy
  9. Improper/scandalous behavior
  10. Participation in fraternities/sororities and other unauthorized and exclusive grouping
  11. Bringing firearms/dangerous weapons
  12. Assault of persons in authority/personnel (worker, teacher, academic assistant , prefects , student prefects and administration


  • Pray Reverently
  • Speak English
  • Practice courtesy
  • Keep clean the classroom
  • Stand straight when called upon
  • Raise hand when you wish to answer
  • Have your textbooks and school materials
  • Work independently when it concerns assignments
  • Avoid borrowing
  • Do not write or erase on the blackboard without due permission
  • Follow official announcements; copy down if needed
  • Take care of yours' and others' properties
  • Care for classroom property
  • Report to subject teachers and do not cut classes
  • Buy only during recess
  • Keep the classroom in order. See that the classroom is neat and the chairs are pushed in when you leave
  • Pay or replace when a good is damaged
  • Never smoke or gamble
  • No birthday parties
  • Keep away any electronic gadget and all forms of distractive materials
  • Be on time and produce excuse letter if you were absent
  • Stand and greet when a sister, teacher or visitor enters the room


  • Speak English
  • Practice courtesy. Speak politely and gently
  • Greet the sisters, teachers, school personnel and visitors
  • Walk on sidewalk and cross on pedestrian lines
  • Take a good care of School property, including plants and animals
  • Stay in your own building. Do not pass in to another, without prior permission
  • Return "lost and found" items to the proper authority
  • Relay to parents all announcements
  • Go promptly to the cars and buses once dismissed
  • Avoid blowing of horns or engines on, for long
  • Stay within the school until dismissal
  • Use pass slip if any urgency occurs
  • Keep away from any form of electronic gadgets an distractive materials
  • Never smoke or gamble
  • Visit the chapel and pray in silence. Don't play inside
  • No blow-out
  • Know your "Off Limit" and observe

Administration building and its premises

  • Faculty rooms
  • Lawns
  • Convent and its premises
  • Profit your time and speak well of the school and education
  • Pay or replace when a good is damaged


Every Pilarian is expected to behave well, in and off campus. Any action that comprises the good name of the school is considered a serious offense and will be dealt with. Even more if an offense is committed wearing the school uniform, it will be considered exactly as it is done inside the school. No student should be found in theaters wearing school uniform.

Any activity undertaken outside the school should be made part of the student record and submitted in writing to the Principal.

The name of the school may not be used for any activity whatsoever without the permission of the Principal.